CommonDialogOptions Constants

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Edition Date: May 2019

Part Number: 370052AA-01

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These constants represent the values you can use with the dlgOptions parameter of several methods that display dialog boxes. Use the bitwise-OR operator to specify more than one option.

  • CommonDlgOption_ModalToAppMainWind–(Value: 0x10000) By default, the dialog box is modal to the last active window of the calling thread, or if none exists, to the last active window from AppMainHwnd. If you enable this option, the dialog box is modal with respect to the window handle the Engine.AppMainHwnd property returns. Typically, you do not need to set this option.
  • CommonDlgOption_NoOptions–(Value: 0x0) No options.
  • CommonDlgOption_ReadOnly–(Value: 0x20000) Use this option to create a read-only version of the dialog box.

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