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Edition Date: May 2019

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Engine.DisplayBreakpointDialog ( dlgTitle, sequenceContextParam, executionParam, selectedStep, stepGroupParam, dlgOptions = 0)

Return Value


Returns True if you click OK. Otherwise, returns False.


Launches the Breakpoint Settings dialog box, in which you edit the breakpoint settings of a step or the End marker after the last step in a step group.


Breakpoint settings for a particular execution apply only to that execution. Editing a breakpoint for a step in a sequence file overrides and breakpoint setting on the corresponding step in a running execution.


dlgTitle As String

[In] Specifies the title of the dialog box. Pass an empty string to use the default title for the dialog box.

sequenceContextParam As SequenceContext

[In] Specifies the sequence context the dialog box uses to evaluate expressions specified for a conditional breakpoint. You can use the Engine.NewEditContext method to obtain an edit-time sequence context for the step or sequence file you are editing.

executionParam As Execution

[In] If you want to set the breakpoint state for a particular execution only, specify a reference to an Execution object. Breakpoints set for a particular execution only apply to that execution and are lost when the Execution object is destroyed, or when you set the breakpoint state for the step by calling this method without passing an execution.

selectedStep As Step

[In] Specifies a reference to a Step object to specify which breakpoint to configure. Pass NULL to configure a breakpoint on the End marker after the last step in a step group. If you pass NULL, you must specify a value for the whichSteps parameter.

stepGroupParam As StepGroups

[In] When the selectedStep parameter is NULL, whichSteps specifies a particular step group that specifies the End marker.

dlgOptions As Long

[In] Specifies any combination of the CommonDialogOptions constants.

This parameter has a default value of 0.

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