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Edition Date: May 2019

Part Number: 370052AA-01

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Engine.DisplayConfigureTypePalettesDialog ( dlgTitle, dlgOptions = 0)

Return Value


Returns True if you click OK in the dialog box. Returns False if you click Cancel.

Note  Even if this method returns False, modifications made to sequence files and type palettes might have been saved because some operations in the dialog box prompt you to save a type palette. Saving a type palette prompts you to increment a version number, which is an edit of the file for all files that reference the type.


Launches a dialog box in which you can edit the order of the type palettes and add or remove type palettes for the engine to load.


dlgTitle As String

[In] Specifies the title of the dialog box. Pass an empty string to use the default title for the dialog box.

dlgOptions As Long

[In] Specify CommonDlgOption_NoOptions or CommonDlgOption_ModalToAppMainWind. By default, the dialog box is modal to the last active window of the calling thread, or if there is none, to the last active window from the Engine.AppMainHwnd property. Pass CommonDlgOption_ModalToAppMainWind if you want a modal dialog box with respect to the window handle of the AppMainHwnd property. Typically, you do not need to set this option.

This parameter has a default value of 0.

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