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Edition Date: May 2019

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Engine.DisplayLoopOnStepsDialog ( dlgTitle, selectedStep, modalToAppMainWnd, loopCountValue, stopExpressionValue)

Return Value


Returns True if you click OK in the dialog box. Returns False if you click Cancel.


Launches a dialog box that prompts the user to provide interactive execution information required for the Loop On Selected Steps command.


dlgTitle As String

[In] Specifies the title of the dialog box. Pass an empty string to use the default title for the dialog box.

selectedStep As Step

[In] Specifies a reference to the first currently selected step. The dialog box uses this step to display property information if the user browses to create the 'stop on' expression.

modalToAppMainWnd As Boolean

[In] By default, the dialog box is modal to the last active window of the calling thread, or if there is none, to the last active window from AppMainHwnd. If you set this option, the dialog box is modal with respect to the window handle the Engine.AppMainHwnd property returns. Typically, you do not need to set this option.

loopCountValue As Long

[Out] Returns the value of the loop count the user specifies in the dialog box. A value of -1 indicates an infinite loop.

stopExpressionValue As String

[Out] Returns the value of the stop expression the user specifies in the dialog box. An empty string indicates that the stop expression is not used.

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