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Edition Date: May 2019

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Engine.GetResourceString ( section, symbol, [defaultString], [found])

Return Value


The resource string.


Returns a string from the TestStand string resource file for the current language. You specify the string by category and symbol, which are the section and item labels for the string in the string resource file.


The string resource files are located in the <TestStand>\Components\Language and <TestStand Public>\Components\Language directories. Typically, you customize the strings in the resource files in the <TestStand>\Components\Language directory by adding a section and item with the same name to the corresponding file in the <TestStand Public>\Components\Language directory.

Use the ResStr expression function to retrieve a TestStand resource string from within an expression.


section As String

[In] Specifies the category or section label.

symbol As String

[In] Specifies the symbol or item label.

defaultString As Variant

[In] [Optional] Specifies a default string to return when the string resource file does not contain an entry with the category and symbol you specify. If you do not specify this parameter and the string resource file does not contain the entry, this function returns the string, String not found in table.

found As Variant

[Out] [Optional] Returns True if the string is found in the resource file and False if the string is not found in the resource file.

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