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Engine.GetSyncManager ( syncObjectName)

Return Value


A pointer to the TestStand Synchronization Manager the Synchronization object name describes.


Returns a top-level API for synchronizing with TestStand Synchronization objects.


The TestStand Synchronization Manager is the API the Synchronization step types use. The name of the Synchronization object passed to this function determines which Synchronization Manager to use—in process, out of process (used to share Synchronization objects between processes), or remote machine (used to share Synchronization objects across machines). Refer to the NI TestStand Synchronization type library for more information.


syncObjectName As String

[In] Specifies the name of the Synchronization object for which the Synchronization Manager is needed. When the Synchronization object begins with an '*' (for example, *syncobjectname) or a computer name such as \\machinename\syncobjectname, a Synchronization Manager object corresponding to the computer in question is returned.

When the Synchronization object name begins with an asterisk or computer name, you can use a 32 or 64 prefix to specify using 32- or 64-bit TestStand to host the out-of-process Synchronization object. For example, the name 64*syncobj specifies a Synchronization object called *syncobj in the 64-bit TestStand host process, even when used from 32-bit TestStand. Use the prefix to share Synchronization objects between 32-bit TestStand and 64-bit TestStand in the same host process. If you do not use the prefix, 32-bit TestStand hosts out-of-process Synchronization objects in a 32-bit process, and 64-bit TestStand hosts out-of-process Synchronization objects in a 64-bit process.

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