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Edition Date: May 2019

Part Number: 370052AA-01

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Engine.ResetTypeInstances ( typeParam, resetTypeInstancesOptions = ResetTypeInst_ResetFlags | ResetTypeInst_ResetValues)

Return Value


Returns True if this method finds any type instances or returns False if it finds none.


Searches for all instances of the specified type definition in the TestStand Engine and sets the values and flags of each type definition instance to the default value and flags for the type.


Use this method to apply the value of a type definition property to all instances of the type. Normally, when you change the value of a type definition property, the values in the instances of the type do not change.

Note  Calling this method does not affect instances in unopened files on disk. In addition, this method ignores the subproperties of typeParam unless you pass the ResetTypeInst_RecurseSubProperties constant as an option.


typeParam As PropertyObject

[In] Specifies a type definition or a subproperty of a type definition.

resetTypeInstancesOptions As Long

[In] Pass one or more ResetTypeInstancesOptions constants to specify different options. Use the bitwise-OR operator to specify more than one option. If you want to reset the values/flags of all the subproperties in all instances of a type, pass ResetTypeInst_RecurseSubProperties using the bitwise-OR operator with ResetTypeInst_ResetFlags or ResetTypeInst_ResetValues.

Note  Avoid using the ResetTypeInst_ResetFlags flag because it might result in unexpected behavior. In most cases, you should not reset certain flags on type instances. For example, the PropFlags_PassByReference flag is set on parameters of Sequence Call steps. Calling the Engine.ResetTypeInstances method on a type can change whether TestStand passes a sequence parameter that is an instance of the type by reference.

This parameter has a default value of ResetTypeInst_ResetFlags | ResetTypeInst_ResetValues.

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