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Edition Date: May 2019

Part Number: 370052AA-01

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These constants represent the options you can use with the evaluationOptions parameter of the PropertyObject.EvaluateEx, Expression.Evaluate, Expression.Validate, ExpressionEdit.Evaluate, and Engine.CheckExpression methods. Use the bitwise-OR operator to specify more than one option.

  • EvalOption_AllowEmptyExpression–(Value: 0x2) Use this option to prevent TestStand from treating empty expressions as syntax errors.
  • EvalOption_AllowIndexingEmptyArrays–(Value: 0x4) Use this option to direct TestStand to return a value with a type that is the array element type for empty arrays with subscripts. If you do not specify this option, TestStand treats an empty array with subscripts as an error.
  • EvalOption_CreateNonExistentVariables–(Value: 0x8) Use this option to have TestStand create temporary objects for variables that do not exist in an expression. This option is useful when evaluating an expression for error checking if the expression might contain dynamically created variables.
  • EvalOption_DoNotAlterValues–(Value: 0x1) Use this option to prevent TestStand from altering the value of any variable or property the expression contains. The Expression.Validate and Engine.CheckExpression methods do not use this value because these methods never alter values.
  • EvalOption_ForErrorChecking–(Value: 0x10) Use this option to direct TestStand to evaluate the expression in order to check the expression for errors. This option makes errors reported at edit time more closely match errors that might occur at run time. For example, when using this option, expressions do not use short-circuit evaluation, ensuring that TestStand checks the entire expression for errors. This option also enables the behavior of the #NoValidation directive. Expression validation methods, such as Engine.CheckExpression and Expression.ValidateEvaluationType, automatically include this option.
  • EvalOption_IgnoreNoValidationDirective–(Value: 0x20) This option disables the behavior of the #NoValidation directive when checking an expression for errors. Use this option to find errors the #NoValidation directive normally suppresses.
  • EvalOption_NoOptions–(Value: 0x0) No options.

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