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Edition Date: May 2019

Part Number: 370052AA-01

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Execution.WaitForEndEx ( millisecondTimeOut, processWindowsMsgs = True, [stepToStoreResultsIn], [callingSequenceContext])

Return Value


Returns True when the execution ends or False when the timeout occurs.


Waits for an execution to end.


This method is not meant to be used by a user interface or sequence editor, as it does not process UIMessages. Instead, use this method from a step to synchronize with another execution. If you need to call this method from a user interface, you must call this method from a non-UI thread.


millisecondTimeOut As Long

[In] Specifies the maximum number of milliseconds to wait. Specify -1 for no timeout.

If you pass a value for the callingSequenceContext parameter, TestStand suspends the timeout while the calling execution is suspended at a breakpoint so that the time spent at a breakpoint does not count towards the elapsed timeout time.

processWindowsMsgs As Boolean

[In] Specify True to process Microsoft Windows messages while waiting or False to wait without processing Windows messages.

This parameter has a default value of True.

stepToStoreResultsIn As Variant

[In] [Optional] Specifies a step in which to store the results of the execution. If you specify a step, the result status of the step reflects that of the execution, and TestStand stores the result list for the execution in the TS.AsyncSequenceCall result property for the step.

callingSequenceContext As Variant

[In] [Optional] If you are calling this method from inside of an execution, pass the current sequence context of the execution you are calling the method from for this parameter so TestStand can monitor the execution and abort the method if the calling execution is terminated or aborted.

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