FileWritingFormats Enumeration

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Edition Date: May 2019

Part Number: 370052AA-01

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Use these constants with the PropertyObjectFile.FileWritingFormat property, the StationOptions.DefaultFileWritingFormat property, and the return value to the FileInformation.GetFileFormatVersion method.

  • FileWritingFormat_Binary–(Value: 2) Specifies that TestStand writes the file in a binary format. This format is the fastest and most memory-efficient format.
  • FileWritingFormat_Ini–(Value: 1) Specifies that TestStand writes the file in an INI format. This format is used by previous versions of TestStand (3.x or earlier). Use this format when necessary to support existing code that reads the INI file directly.
    Note  The INI format is deprecated in TestStand 2019 and may not be supported in future releases.
  • FileWritingFormat_Xml–(Value: 3) Specifies that TestStand writes the file in an XML format. Use this format if you want to read, parse, or create files as XML. This option is the most readable and parseable format.

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