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Edition Date: May 2019

Part Number: 370052AA-01

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These constants represent the options you can use with the getSeqFileFlags parameter of the Engine.GetSequenceFileEx method. Use the bitwise-OR operator to specify more than one option.

  • GetSeqFile_AllowTypeConflicts–(Value: 0x4) If this flag is set, conflicts TestStand encounters between the sequence and types currently in memory do not prevent TestStand from loading the sequence. If this flag is not set, TestStand returns an error as soon as it encounters a type conflict.

    Note  The Engine.GetSequenceFileEx method ignores this value.
  • GetSeqFile_CheckModelOptions–(Value: 0x8) If this flag is set, TestStand verifies that the sequence file does not refer to a specific process model file that conflicts with the current settings on the Model tab of the Station Options dialog box.
  • GetSeqFile_DoNotRunLoadCallback–(Value: 0x10) If this flag is set, TestStand does not run the SequenceFileLoad callback sequence. Even if you use this option, TestStand executes the SequenceFileLoad callback for subsequent calls to the Engine.GetSequenceFileEx method that do not use this option. TestStand does not execute the SequenceFileUnload callback when you release the sequence file with the Engine.ReleaseSequenceFileEx method if all calls to obtain the sequence file use this option.
  • GetSeqFile_FindFile–(Value: 0x20) If this flag is set, TestStand attempts to find a relative pathname using the Engine.FindFileEx method.
  • GetSeqFile_GetFileOnlyIfInCache–(Value: 0x200) If this flag is set, the Engine.GetSequenceFileEx method returns a sequence file only if the file is already in the engine internal cache. If the file is not in the cache, the Engine.GetSequenceFileEx method returns a NULL reference.
  • GetSeqFile_NoOptions–(Value: 0x0) No options.
  • GetSeqFile_OperatorInterfaceFlags–(Value: 0x6B) The standard set of flags a user interface uses. This is the combination of the GetSeqFile_CheckModelOptions, GetSeqFile_PreloadModules, GetSeqFile_FindFile, GetSeqFile_SearchCurrentDir, and GetSeqFile_UpdateFromDisk flags.
  • GetSeqFile_PreloadModules–(Value: 0x1) If this flag is set, TestStand honors the Module Load options for the sequence and launches the preload progress dialog box when opening the file. Otherwise, it does not preload any of the modules the steps in the sequence use or display the preload progress dialog box.
  • GetSeqFile_SearchCurrentDir–(Value: 0x40) If this flag is set, TestStand attempts to find a relative pathname by searching the current directory first.
  • GetSeqFile_UpdateFromDisk–(Value: 0x2) If this flag is set and the sequence is currently in memory, TestStand checks the date of the file on disk and reloads it if it is newer. If the flag is not set and the sequence is currently in memory, TestStand does not load the file.

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