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Edition Date: May 2019

Part Number: 370052AA-01

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These constants represent the flags you can set and get on PropertyObject type definitions. Get and set type flags only on PropertyObject objects that are the root objects of type definitions. Use the bitwise-OR operator to specify more than one flag for a particular PropertyObject object.

  • PropTypeFlags_DisableEditingInstanceFlags–(Value: 0x10) Set this flag in a type definition to indicate that users are not allowed to change the property flags in instances of the type.
  • PropTypeFlags_IsModifiedType–(Value: 0x4000000) TestStand sets this flag in a type definition object when the user edits the property sheet of the type definition object, adds properties to it, changes a property value, or performs any other action that modifies the type. TestStand does not automatically convert an older version of a type to a newer version if one of them has PropTypeFlags_IsModifiedType set. Instead, TestStand launches a Type Conflict In File dialog box or returns an error. Update the version of the modified type to clear this flag. You can also update and obtain this flag using the PropertyObject.IsModifiedType property.
  • PropTypeFlags_NIInstalledType–(Value: 0x2000000) Indicates that the type is an installed TestStand type provided by National Instruments. Do not set this flag.
  • PropTypeFlags_NoAutoConvertVersions–(Value: 0x1) If TestStand opens a file containing an already-loaded type and the versions of the type are not the same, it converts the older version to newer version without launching a Type Conflict dialog box or returning an error. If one or both versions of the type has PropTypeFlags_NoAutoConvertVersions set, TestStand does not perform this automatic type conversion.
  • PropTypeFlags_NoFlags–(Value: 0x0) No flags.
  • PropTypeFlags_PreventEditingType–(Value: 0x4) Specifies whether you can edit the type in the sequence editor.

    Note  This option applies only to NI-installed types.

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