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Edition Date: May 2019

Part Number: 370052AA-01

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These constants represent the options you can use with the elementsToSearch parameter of the PropertyObject.Search and Engine.SearchFiles methods. Use the bitwise-OR operator to specify more than one option.

  • SearchElement_All–(Value: 0xffffffff) A combination of all the SearchElement options.
  • SearchElement_AllValues–(Value: 0x1c) A combination of the following SearchElements options: SearchElement_StringValue, SearchElement_NumericValue, and SearchElement_BooleanValue.
  • SearchElement_Attributes–(Value: 0x20) TestStand searches through the attributes and type attributes of properties.
  • SearchElement_BooleanValue–(Value: 0x10) TestStand searches the value of Boolean properties.
  • SearchElement_Comment–(Value: 0x2) TestStand searches the property comment.
  • SearchElement_Enumerators–(Value: 0x80) TestStand searches the enumerators of enumeration data types.
  • SearchElement_Name–(Value: 0x1) TestStand searches the property name.
  • SearchElement_NumericValue–(Value: 0x8) TestStand searches the value of numeric properties.
  • SearchElement_StringValue–(Value: 0x4) TestStand searches the value of string properties.
  • SearchElement_TypeName–(Value: 0x40) TestStand searches the type name of root type instance properties. Enable this option to find all the instances of a particular type definition.

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