Relationship of National Instruments MSI-based Installer Architecture and Microsoft Windows Installer Technology

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Edition Date: May 2019

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Use Microsoft Windows Installer technology in conjunction with the National Instruments MSI-based installer architecture to redistribute National Instruments drivers and other software components, such as run-time engines, with a deployment.

A Windows Installer installs, uninstalls, and repairs applications. For a single application, a Windows installation package includes a Windows Installer database file (.msi), which contains all the information a Windows Installer requires to install or uninstall an application and to run the setup user interface.

You can use Windows Installer technology to accomplish the following tasks:

  • Support unattended program installation—You can script a program installation according to administrator instructions.
  • Help prevent certain forms of inter-program conflicts—The MSI-based installer enforces installation rules that help prevent conflicts that can occur when an installation or removal operation makes updates to or deletes a DLL an existing program shares.
  • Diagnose and repair corrupted programs—You can determine whether an installed program has missing or corrupted files and repair the program by reinstalling only the missing or corrupted files.
  • Reliably remove existing programs—The MSI-based installer can remove any program it previously installed, including all associated registry entries and program files, except for files other installed software shares.
  • Support on-demand installation of program features—The MSI-based installer can initially install only a minimal subset of program features. You can automatically install additional components the first time you use a feature that requires the components.
  • Restore the original computer state if an installation failure occurs—A Windows Installer records all changes made to the computer during the program installation process and can restore the computer to its initial state, also known as a rollback.


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