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Edition Date: May 2019

Part Number: 370052AA-01

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The Connecting Controls User Interface demonstrates the available TestStand User Interface controls and allows you to customize their functionality. The TestStand User Interface controls get their functionality through a connection to a manager control. The manager controls provide methods to implement the various types of connections.

This example allows you to explore the available connections and see their behavior in real time.

Example File Location

<TestStand Public>\Examples\Modifying User Interfaces\Connecting UI Controls\DotNet\bin\Release\TestExec.exe

Highlighted Features

TestStand User Interface Controls

Major API

UI Connection methods



How to Use This Example

To launch the User Interface, Open the TestExec.exe executable. The UI automatically opens a sequence file and runs a sequence, then pauses the sequence at a breakpoint.

Navigate the tabs of the interface to view the different UI controls available with TestStand and the types of connections to manager controls that they support. Each tab provides more information about each of the following UI Control connection types:

  • View Connections—Activates a SequenceView, VariablesView, or ReportView control. The manager controls provide a separate method for each connection type, so no cmdKind parameter is needed.
  • List Connections—Configures a TestStand ComboBox, ListBarPage, or ListBox to display a TestStand List, such as the sequences in the current file. The manager controls provide a separate method for each connection type, so no cmdKind parameter is needed.
  • Command Connections—Configures a TestStand Button or Checkbox control to execute a specified command when clicked. Change the enumerations to see the behavior of the available command kinds.
  • Information Source Connections—Displays caption, image, and numeric information on Label controls, ExpressionEdit controls, and StatusBar panes. Changing the source Input will change what information is displayed in the connected control.

Click the Additional Information button in the example UI to view more information about these connection types.


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