Remote Execution in 32-bit TestStand and 64-bit TestStand

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Edition Date: May 2019

Part Number: 370052AA-01

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When you select Use Remote Computer in Execution Options on the Sequence Call Module tab or Run Sequence on Remote Computer in the Multithreading and Remote Execution option in the Edit Sequence Call dialog box of a TestStand User Interface to execute a sequence remotely, you can select the bitness of the TestStand remote engine to use. By default, TestStand connects to the remote engine with the matching bitness if available on the specified host. To specify the bitness of the TestStand remote engine to use on the remote computer, use a 32\\ prefix to use the 32-bit TestStand Engine or use a 64\\ prefix to use the 64-bit TestStand Engine in the Remote Host control of the Sequence Call Advanced Settings dialog box or in the Remote Host control in the Remote Execution Settings dialog box of a TestStand User Interface.

You can use remote sequence execution as a workaround to use 32-bit TestStand features that 64-bit TestStand does not support. For example, 64-bit TestStand can use 32-bit TestStand to execute a sequence that uses the HTBasic Adapter. Similarly, you can specify that 64-bit TestStand use 32-bit TestStand to execute sequences that invoke 32-bit code modules or vice versa. Complete the following steps to call into a specific bitness of TestStand on the same computer.

  1. Enable the Allow Sequence Calls from Remote Computer to Run on this Computer option on the Remote Execution tab of the Station Options dialog box.
  2. Specify 32\\localhost or 64\\localhost for the remote host setting of the sequence call.
Note Note  (64-bit TestStand) The HTBasic Adapter is not supported.


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