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Edition Date: May 2019

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Callbacks are sequences TestStand calls under specific circumstances. You can create new callbacks or you can override existing callbacks to customize the operation of the test station. Use the Sequence File Callbacks dialog box to add a callback to a sequence file.

TestStand defines Model callbacks, Engine callbacks, and Front-End callbacks based on the entity that invokes the callback and the location in which you define the callback, as shown in the following table.

Callback TypeWhere You Define the CallbackWhat Calls the CallbackDescription
Model Callbacks The process model file defines Model callbacks, and the client sequence file or StationCallbacks.seq can override the callback Sequences in the process model file Customizes the behavior of a process model for each Main sequence that uses it.
Engine Callbacks StationCallbacks.seq for Station Engine callbacks, the process model file for Process Model Engine callbacks, or a regular sequence file for Sequence File Engine callbacks. The TestStand Engine defines and invokes Engine callbacks at specific points during execution. Engine
Front-End Callbacks FrontEndCallbacks.seq User interface application User interface programs call Front-End callbacks so multiple user interfaces share the same behavior for a specific operation.

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