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Edition Date: May 2019

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TestStand executes the steps in the following step group order:

  1. Setup—Typically contains steps that initialize instruments, fixtures, or a UUT.
  2. Main—Typically contains the bulk of the steps in a sequence, including the steps that test the UUT.
  3. Cleanup—Typically contains steps that power off or restore the initial state of instruments, fixtures, and the UUT.

Use separate step groups to ensure that the steps in the Cleanup step group execute regardless of whether the sequence completes successfully or whether a run-time error occurs in the sequence. If a step in the Setup or Main step group causes a run-time error to occur or if the operator terminates the execution, the flow of execution stops and jumps to the Cleanup step group. Steps in the Cleanup group always run even when some of the steps in the Setup group do not run. When a step in the Cleanup group causes a run-time error, execution continues to the next step in the Cleanup group.

When a run-time error occurs in a sequence, TestStand reports the run-time error to the calling sequence. Execution in the calling sequence jumps to the Cleanup step group in the calling sequence. This process continues up the call stack to the top-level sequence. Thus, when a run-time error occurs, TestStand terminates execution after running all the Cleanup steps in all the sequences in the sequence call stack.

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