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Just as each property or variable has a data type, each step has a step type. Each step of a type includes the built-in step properties and any number of custom step properties the step defines. Although all steps of the same type have the same properties, the values of those properties can differ. The step type specifies the initial values of all the step properties.

You can create a test application using only the predefined step types, and you can also create custom step types to define standard, reusable classes of steps that apply specifically to the application.

Source Code Templates

You can define a source code template for a new step type. When you create a new step of a particular type, you can use a source code template to generate source code for the code module of the step. You can also create additional code templates for built-in step types when you create a new step type.

Multiple Code Templates per Step Type

You can specify more than one code template for a step type. For example, you might want to have code templates that contain example code for conducting the same type of tests with different types of instruments or data acquisition boards. When a step type has multiple code templates and you click the Create Code button on the Module tab of the Step Settings pane, TestStand prompts you to select from a list of templates or uses the template you selected on the Module tab when it exists.

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