Customizing Process Models and Callbacks

TestStand 2019 Help

Edition Date: May 2019

Part Number: 370052AA-01

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You can customize the default process models and callback sequences. Customize callbacks to implement custom functionality specific to unit under test (UUT) models. Customize process models to implement functionality that is standard throughout an organization and applies to all or most UUTs. Use callbacks to implement functionality you might change. Use process models to implement functionality you are unlikely to change. You can extend the functionality of existing process models by creating or customizing process model plug-ins.

Note Note  If you modify any process model or process model plug-in types, open and save all the process models and process model plug-ins that use the modified types to ensure you avoid a type conflict. To modify or save the process models, you must first copy all the files from the <TestStand>\Components\Models\TestStandModels directory to the <TestStand Public>\Components\Models\TestStandModels directory and modify or save the files in the <TestStand Public>\Components\Models\TestStandModels directory. The files in the <TestStand Public>\Components\Models\TestStandModels directory override the files in the <TestStand>\Components\Models\TestStandModels directory. Similarly, you must copy any process model plug-in files from the <TestStand>\Components\Models\ModelPlugins directory to the <TestStand Public>\Components\Models\ModelPlugins directory before modifying the files.


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