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Edition Date: May 2019

Part Number: 370052AA-01

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TestStand installs the default sequences, executables, project files, and source files for components in the following subdirectories of the <TestStand>\Components directory.

Directory Name Contents
Analyzer Contains TestStand Sequence Analyzer built-in rules file, built-in analysis modules, and analysis module templates. You can customize sequence analyzer rules.
Callbacks Contains the sequence files in which TestStand stores Station Engine callbacks and Front-End callbacks.
Compatibility Contains type palette files TestStand uses to save sequence files compatible with earlier versions of TestStand.
Icons Contains icon files for module adapters and step types.
Language Contains string resource files in language-specific subdirectories.
Models Contains the default process model sequence files that you can customize, process model plug-ins, and supporting code modules.
Obsolete Contains components TestStand no longer uses but installs to maintain compatibility.
Schemas Contains the schema for XML-formatted TestStand sequence files.
StepTypes Contains support files for built-in step types. TestStand installs support files for the built-in step types in the <TestStand>\Components\StepTypes directory. You can also customize step types.
Stylesheets Contains the style sheet and supporting files to view sequence analyzer reports and TestStand File Diff and Merge utility reports.
Tools Contains sequences and supporting files for the Tools menu commands.
Translators Contains sequence file translator DLLs. TestStand does not create this directory by default.
TypePalettes Contains the default type palette files.

The TestStand Engine searches for sequences and code modules using the TestStand search directory path. The default search precedence places the <TestStand Public>\Components directory before the <TestStand>\Components directory to ensure that TestStand loads the sequences and code modules you customize instead of loading the default TestStand versions of the files. Select Configure»Search Directories from the sequence editor menu bar to modify the precedence of the search directory paths.

When you use the TestStand Deployment Utility to deploy a run-time version of the TestStand Engine, you can bundle customized components in the <TestStand Public> directory with the TestStand run-time deployment.

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