Handling Events

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Edition Date: May 2019

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TestStand User Interface (UI) Controls generate events to notify an application of user input and of application events, such as an execution completing. The visible controls generate user input events, such as KeyDown or MouseDown. The manager controls generate application state events, such as the ApplicationMgr.SequenceFileOpened event or the ApplicationMgr.UserChanged event. You can handle events according to the needs of the application, as shown in the following table.

ADE Description
LabVIEW Register event handler VIs with the Register Event Callback function.
LabWindows/CVI Install ActiveX event callback functions by calling the TSUI_<object class>EventsRegOn<event name> functions in tsui.fp.
.NET Create .NET control event handlers from the form designer.
C++ (MFC) Create ActiveX event handlers from the Message Maps page in the Class Wizard dialog box.

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