Interactively Executing Steps

TestStand 2019 Help

Edition Date: May 2019

Part Number: 370052AA-01

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To interactively execute selected steps in a sequence, select Run Selected Steps or Loop On Selected Steps from the context menu or from the Execute menu.

You can run steps the following two ways in interactive mode:

  • Run steps interactively from a Sequence File window to create a new execution called a root interactive execution. You can specify station options to control whether the Setup and Cleanup step groups of the sequence run as part of a root interactive execution.
  • Run steps interactively from an existing Execution window for a normal execution suspended at a breakpoint. The selected steps run in a nested interactive execution within the context of the normal execution.

    The steps you run interactively can access the variable values of the normal execution and add to the results. When you use the process model for the original execution, the report includes these results. When the selected steps complete, the execution returns to the originally suspended step. A configurable station option specifies whether step failures and errors propagate to the original execution.

In interactive mode, the selected steps run in the order in which they appear in the sequence. To configure TestStand to evaluate preconditions when executing interactively, select Configure»Station Options and enable the Evaluate Preconditions option in the Interactive Executions section on the Execution tab of the Station Options dialog box. You can also use the Branching Mode control in this dialog box to configure whether interactive executions branch to unselected steps.


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