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Edition Date: May 2019

Part Number: 370052AA-01

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When you configure a step to loop, you can use the Record Result of Each Iteration option on the Looping panel of the Step Settings pane to direct TestStand to store a separate result for each loop iteration in the result list. In the result list, the results for the loop iterations immediately follow the result for the step as a whole.

TestStand adds a TS.LoopIndex numeric property to each loop iteration result to record the value of the loop index for the iteration. TestStand also adds the following special loop result properties to the main result for the step:

  • TS.EndingLoopIndex—Value of the loop index when looping completes.
  • TS.NumLoops—Number of times the step loops.
  • TS.NumPassed—Number of loops for which the step status is Passed or Done.
  • TS.NumFailed—Number of loops for which the step status is Failed.


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