Special Considerations for a LabVIEW Custom User Interface

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Edition Date: May 2019

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Consider the following guidelines when running LabVIEW user interfaces:

  • You must close all running LabVIEW user interfaces before you exit Microsoft Windows. When you shut down, restart, or log off of Windows while a user interface is running, the user interface cancels the operation and might exit with an error.
  • When you run a LabVIEW user interface in the LabVIEW development system, you can call remote VIs only when the VI is the same or earlier version as the LabVIEW development system. TestStand does not support calling VIs on remote computers when you save a VI without the block diagram and the version of the VI is different than the active version of LabVIEW installed on the computer.
  • By default, you can run only one copy of a LabVIEW-built executable at a time, which prevents the TestStand /useexisting command-line option from working. Add the "allowmultipleinstances = TRUE" option to the INI options file in the same directory as the LabVIEW-built executable to allow more than one copy to execute at a time.
  • (LabVIEW 2013 SP1 or earlier) A LabVIEW user interface reports object leaks on shutdown when you pass a TestStand object as the ActiveXData parameter of a UIMessage in the UIMessage callback VI. LabVIEW does not release the object reference until LabVIEW unloads the callback VI. Visit ni.com/info and enter the Info Code 4H6DULT3 to access the National Instruments KnowledgeBase article PropertyObjects Were Not Released Warning When Using LabVIEW for more information about using a dynamically called VI to ensure that LabVIEW releases the object.
  • To prevent a LabVIEW user interface from hanging while running in LabVIEW, do not call subroutine VIs from inside a VI used as an ActiveX callback VI. Instead, change the execution priority of the VIs to a value other than subroutine.

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