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Edition Date: May 2019

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The TestStand Engine uses module adapters to invoke code modules that sequences call. A code module is a program module from an ADE or programming language and can contain one or more functions that perform a specific test or other action. Module adapters load and call code modules, pass parameters to code modules, and return values and status from code modules. TestStand handles core test management functionality, including the definition and execution of the overall testing process, user management, report generation, database logging, and more.

TestStand supports the following module adapters:

Note Note  (64-bit TestStand) The HTBasic Adapter is not supported.

Select Configure»Adapters to configure an adapter.

To specify a code module for a step, use a Module tab of the Step Settings pane in the TestStand Sequence Editor and a Specify Module dialog box in a TestStand User Interface. The actual title of the Specify Module tab or dialog box is different for each adapter.

Adapters specific to an application development environment (ADE) can open the ADE, create source code for a new code module in the ADE, and display the source for an existing code module in the ADE. The adapters support stepping into the source code in the ADE while you execute the step from the TestStand Sequence Editor or a TestStand User Interface.

Source Code Templates

For each adapter that supports source code templates, the Module tab and the Specify Module dialog box display a command button for creating source code based on a template for the step. If more than one template is available for the adapter and step type combination you use to create the step, you can select from a list of the templates. If only one template is available, the adapter uses the template without giving you additional options.

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