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Edition Date: May 2019

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The TestStand User Manager stores user and group privileges as Boolean properties and organizes the privileges in the following categories:

  • Operate—Privileges for executing sequences and terminating and aborting executions.
  • Debug—Privileges for controlling execution flow, executing manual and interactive executions, and editing station global variables and run-time variables.
  • Develop—Privileges for editing and saving sequence files, editing and saving workspace files, and using source code control.
  • Configure—Privileges for editing process model files and configuring station options, users, adapters, application settings, and report, database logging, and model options.
  • Custom—Custom privileges you define. Customize the NI_UserCustomPrivileges data type to add new privileges.

You can grant all privileges in a specific category for each user or group in the user manager, and you can grant specific privileges for each user or group. In addition, when you add a user as a member of a group, TestStand grants the user all the privileges of the group. TestStand grants a privilege to a user or group when the property value for the privilege is True or when the value of the GrantAll property in any enclosing parent privilege category is True. For example, a user has the privilege to terminate an execution when one of the following properties is True:

  • <User>.Privileges.Operate.Terminate
  • <User>.Privileges.Operate.GrantAll
  • <User>.Privileges.GrantAll
  • <Group>.Privileges.Operate.Terminate
  • <Group>.Privileges.Operate.GrantAll
  • <Group>.Privileges.GrantAll
Note Note  TestStand stores the privilege categories as subproperties of the Privileges property. The Privileges property also includes a Boolean GrantAll subproperty. The property Privileges.GrantAll applies to all privilege categories. When you set the GrantAll property to True, the user or group has all privileges. You must set the GrantAll property to False to honor privilege settings within each privilege category.

TestStand also grants all privileges to a user when you disable privilege checking on the User Manager tab of the Station Options dialog box.

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