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Edition Date: May 2019

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TestStand automatically collects the results of each step. You can configure result collection for each step on the Run Options panel of the Step Settings pane. You can disable result collection for an entire sequence in the Sequence Properties dialog box or completely disable result collection on a computer in the Station Options dialog box.

You can generate a report and log results to a database to process the collected test results.

Each sequence includes a ResultList local variable, which is an empty array of container properties. TestStand appends a new container property, the step result, to the end of the ResultList array before a step executes. After the step executes, TestStand copies the contents of the Result subproperty for the step into the step result in the ResultList array.

Each step type can define different contents for the Result subproperty of the step, and TestStand can append step results that contain Result properties from different step types to the same ResultList array. When TestStand copies the Result property for a step to the step result, TestStand also adds the name of the step, the position of the step in the sequence, and other identifying information. For a step that calls a subsequence, TestStand also adds the ResultList array variable from the subsequence.

Using the TestStand API, a process model can request that TestStand insert additional step properties in the step results for all steps automatically. A code module can also use the TestStand API to insert additional step result information for a particular step.

Report Generation

When you run a sequence using the Test UUTs or Single Pass Execution entry point, the report generator model plug-in generates the report by traversing the results for the main sequence in the client sequence file and all the subsequences it calls.

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