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Sequence Context Subproperty Description
Locals Contains local variables in the current sequence. Only the current sequence can access these variables.
Parameters Contains parameter variables in the current sequence. Only the current sequence or calling sequences can access these variables.
FileGlobals Contains file global variables in the current sequence file. All the sequences in the current sequence file can access these variables.
StationGlobals Contains station global variables on the computer. Any sequence on the current computer can access these variables. Station global variables are stored on disk and the values persist even after you close TestStand. Refer to StationGlobals TS Subproperty for more information about the StationGlobals property.
ThisContext Contains a reference to the current sequence context. You typically use this property to pass the entire sequence context as an argument to a subsequence or a step code module.
RunState Contains properties that describe the current state of execution. Refer to RunState Subproperties for more information about the RunState property.
Step Contains the properties in the currently executing step. The Step property exists only while a step executes. The property does not exist when the execution is between steps, such as at a breakpoint.

The following properties in the sequence context refer to objects that exist before, and persist after, the current execution:

  • StationGlobals
  • RunState.InitialSelection
  • RunState.SequenceFile
  • RunState.ProcessModelClient

Any modifications you make to these objects affect all executions in the current TestStand session. When you save the modifications to disk, they affect future TestStand sessions.

Note  Built-in properties of steps are flagged to be shared at run time. Any changes to built-in properties within the run-time copy of the step edits the original Step object in the sequence file.

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