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The <TestStand>\UserInterfaces directory includes the following subdirectories that contain the executable, project, and source code files for each example user interface:

  • Full-Featured—Contains user interfaces for loading, viewing, editing, saving, executing, and debugging sequence files. The full-featured examples include menus and localization options.
  • Simple—contains similar but limited user interfaces with fewer commands and options but no menus. Also, the simple example user interfaces display the steps for executions you run but do not display steps for sequences you load.
Note Note  TestStand no longer includes example user interfaces that do not use the TestStand UI Controls. These examples contained a large amount of complex source code, and they provided less functionality than the simpler examples that use the TestStand UI Controls. National Instruments recommends using the examples that use the TestStand UI Controls as a basis for new development.

The following table lists all the simple and full-featured example user interfaces that TestStand provides:

ADE Full-Featured User Interface Simple User Interface
C++ (MFC) <TestStand Public>\UserInterfaces\Full-Featured\C++ (MFC)\Source Code\TestExec.vcproj <TestStand Public>\UserInterfaces\Simple\C++ (MFC)\Source Code\TestExec.vcproj
C# <TestStand Public>\UserInterfaces\Full-Featured\CSharp\Source Code\TestExec.VS2010.csproj <TestStand Public>\UserInterfaces\Simple\CSharp\Source Code\TestExec.VS2010.csproj
LabVIEW <TestStand Public>\UserInterfaces\Full-Featured\LabVIEW\Source Code\TestExec.llb\Full UI - Top-Level VI.vi <TestStand Public>\UserInterfaces\Simple\LabVIEW\Source Code\TestExec.llb\Simple OI - Top-Level VI.vi
LabWindows/CVI <TestStand Public>\UserInterfaces\Full-Featured\CVI\Source Code\TestExec.prj <TestStand Public>\UserInterfaces\Simple\CVI\Source Code\TestExec.prj
Microsoft Visual Basic .NET <TestStand Public>\UserInterfaces\Full-Featured\VB.Net\Source Code\TestExec.VS2010.vbproj <TestStand Public>\UserInterfaces\Simple\VB.Net\Source Code\TestExec.VS2010.vbproj

TestStand installs the source code files for the default user interfaces in the <TestStand>\UserInterfaces and <TestStand Public>\UserInterfaces directories. To modify the installed user interfaces or to create new user interfaces, modify the files in the <TestStand Public>\UserInterfaces directory. You can use the read-only source files for the default user interfaces in the <TestStand>\UserInterfaces directory as a reference. National Instruments recommends that you track the changes you make to the user interface source code files so you can integrate the changes with any enhancements in future versions of the TestStand User Interfaces.

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