Step Types You Can Use with Any Module Adapter

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Edition Date: May 2019

Part Number: 370052AA-01

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You can use the following built-in step types with any module adapter:

When you insert a step in a sequence, you must select a module adapter in the Step Types list of the Insertion Palette or from the Adapter ring control on the TestStand Sequence Editor toolbar. TestStand assigns the adapter you selected when you insert the step. Once you add a step, you can change the adapter associated with the selected step on the General panel on the Step Settings pane.

Note Note  In most cases, using the Sequence Call step to call subsequences is adequate. A Sequence Call step always uses the Sequence Adapter. By default, the Sequence Adapter is hidden in the Adapter ring control. Select Configure»Adapters from the menu bar and remove the checkmark from the checkbox in the Hidden column to display the Sequence Adapter in the Adapter ring control.

When you select the <None> adapter, the step does not call a code module.

To specify the code module the step calls, select Specify Module from the step context menu or click the Module tab on the Step Settings pane.


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