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Edition Date: May 2019

Part Number: 370052AA-01

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Use the TestStand User Manager to maintain the list of users, user names, user passwords, user privileges, groups, group privileges, and members of groups. TestStand can limit the functionality of the TestStand Sequence Editor and User Interfaces depending on the privilege settings you specify in the user manager for the current user and the groups to which the user belongs.

By default, the sequence editor and the user interfaces launch the Login dialog box when you launch TestStand. You can customize the default login/logout implementation.

Use the User Manager tab of the Station Options dialog box to configure TestStand to enforce user privileges and to specify the location of the user manager configuration file.

Note Note  The user manager helps you implement policies and procedures that concern the use of test stations. The user manager is not a security system, and it does not inhibit or control the operating system or third-party applications. Use the system-level security features the operating system provides to secure test station computers against unauthorized use.

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