Using Execution Entry Points

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Edition Date: May 2019

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You can use an Execution entry point to start an execution only when the MainSequence is the sequence open on the Steps pane. The Execute menu of the sequence editor includes a list of Execution entry points.

Each Execution entry point in the menu represents a separate entry point sequence in the process model that applies to the active sequence file. When you select an Execution entry point from the Execute menu, you actually run an entry point sequence in a process model file. The Execution entry point sequence invokes the Main sequence one time or multiple times.

Execution entry points in a process model provide different ways for the test station operator to invoke a Main sequence. Execution entry points handle common operations, such as unit under test (UUT) identification and report generation. For example, the default Sequential process model provides the Test UUTs and Single Pass Execution entry points. The Test UUTs Execution entry point initiates a loop that repeatedly identifies and tests UUTs. The Single Pass Execution entry point tests a single UUT without identifying it.


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