Organizing Test Program Files with LabVIEW Libraries

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LabVIEW libraries (LLBs) are files that group several VIs together in a .llb file. LLBs reduce the number of files on disk, making it easier to deploy a test system.

Consider the following when working with LLBs:

  • An installer cannot install a single VI to an LLB. You must overwrite the entire LLB to install additional files.
  • When you make changes to an LLB, it is difficult to determine which files have changed.
  • LLBs do not have hierarchy information, so all VIs are stored at the same level. However, for display purposes, you can mark VIs called from TestStand as top-level VIs in the LLB.
  • LLBs do not have namespaces and cannot prevent name collisions.
  • All VIs in an LLB are visible, so you cannot hide the names of private VIs and subVIs.
  • LLBs do not have version resources, so multiple installers upgrading a single LLB might have unintended consequences.
  • Removing files from an LLB and creating a patch deployment might break sequence files or VIs in the existing deployed test system. If you remove files from an LLB, verify that previous deployments do not require the files. Do not manually remove unchanged code module VIs from the patch deployable image. Instead, rely on the TestStand Deployment Utility to remove files that do not differ from the previous deployable image.

If you want to build LLBs of test VIs when creating a deployment of a test system, you must build the LLB and update the TestStand sequences that call test VIs to reference the LLB because the deployment utility does not create LLBs of top-level VIs. However, if the test VIs are already organized in LLBs, the deployment utility maintains the LLB structure.

National Instruments recommends that you save VIs as individual files organized in directories instead of using LLBs, especially if multiple developers are working on the same project.

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