TestStand 2019 Early Access Support for LabVIEW NXG

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Edition Date: May 2019

Part Number: 370052AA-01

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TestStand 2019 provides early access support for LabVIEW NXG. The LabVIEW NXG Adapter is suitable for developing simple test systems, or augmenting existing test systems, but has limitations that may not be acceptable for all applications. National Instruments recommends that you fully evaluate LabVIEW NXG before using it in a TestStand system.

Consider the following topics when evaluating LabVIEW NXG for your test system:

  • Processor architecture– The LabVIEW NXG Adapter is only in 64-bit TestStand. Refer to the Developing Platform Independent Test Systems shipping example to ensure Sequence Files that contain LabVIEW NXG code modules are executable in a 32-bit process.
  • LabVIEW NXG Classes– TestStand 2019 does not support LabVIEW NXG classes.
  • GLL Support– TestStand 2019 enables the ability to build GLLs for use with the run-time engine. GLLs can be executed through the LabVIEW NXG adapter but cannot be called directly from VIs.
  • Debugging– LabVIEW NXG 3.x does not support building debuggable GLLs. TestStand 2019 supports debugging LabVIEW NXG code modules in the development environment.
  • COM Automation Support– Invoke nodes are not available in LabVIEW NXG. All Properties and Methods of the TestStand API are available through the TestStand palette in LabVIEW NXG.
  • Modules and Toolkits– LabVIEW NXG is not supported in TestStand Semiconductor Module applications.
  • Data types Support– The following data types present in LabVIEW NXG are not supported in the LabVIEW NXG Adapter:
    • Variants
    • Digital Waveform
    • Digital Table


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