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Edition Date: May 2019

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Rules Pane

Use the Rules pane to enable, disable, and configure rules to use for analysis in the current TestStand Sequence Analyzer project. The Rules pane contains the following columns:

  • Rule—List of all the rules available on the computer, grouped by category. Place a checkmark in the option next to the rule name or category to enable or disable the rule or entire category for analysis. Click the Settings button located to the right of the rule name, if available, to launch the Rule Settings dialog box or a custom dialog box, in which you can change rule settings.
    Note Note  You cannot disable or delete the built-in rules in the Analysis Errors category.
  • Severity—Severity level of the rule. Use this ring control to change the severity level. When you change a value that is not the rule default, the Severity value changes to bold text.
  • Description—Detailed description of the rule.

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