Executing Code Modules in an External Instance of LabWindows/CVI

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Edition Date: May 2019

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To execute tests in an external instance of LabWindows/CVI, the LabWindows/CVI Adapter launches a copy of the LabWindows/CVI development environment and loads an execution server project. You can specify the execution server project to load in the LabWindows/CVI Adapter Configuration dialog box. The default project is <TestStand Public>\AdapterSupport\CVI\tscvirun.prj.

When a step calls a function in an object, static library, or DLL file, the execution server project automatically loads the code module and executes the function in an external instance of LabWindows/CVI. When you want a step to call a function in a C source file, you must include the C source file in the execution server project before you run the project. You must also include any support libraries other than LabWindows/CVI libraries the object, static library, or C source file requires.

Debugging Code Modules

You can debug C source and DLL code modules when the LabWindows/CVI Adapter executes tests in an external instance of LabWindows/CVI. To debug DLL code modules, you must create a debuggable DLL in LabWindows/CVI. LabWindows/CVI honors all breakpoints you set in the source files for the DLL project.

When you execute tests in an external instance of LabWindows/CVI, you do not need to launch the sequence editor or user interface application from LabWindows/CVI to debug DLL code modules you call with the LabWindows/CVI Adapter.

When you click Step Into in the sequence editor while the execution is suspended on a step that calls into the DLL code module, LabWindows/CVI suspends on the first statement in the called function.

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