Selecting Where LabWindows/CVI Steps Execute

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Edition Date: May 2019

Part Number: 370052AA-01

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Use the Step Execution section in the LabWindows/CVI Adapter Configuration dialog box to select where steps execute. The LabWindows/CVI Adapter can run code modules in- or out-of-process, as the following table describes.

Where Code Modules Execute Description
In-process In the same process as the sequence editor or a user interface you are running, without using the LabWindows/CVI development environment.
Out-of-process In an external instance of the LabWindows/CVI development environment.

The LabWindows/CVI Adapter uses two different copies of the LabWindows/CVI development environment. The adapter uses one copy to execute code modules for out-of-process step execution. By default, the adapter opens <TestStand Public>\AdapterSupport\CVI\tscvirun.prj in this copy of LabWindows/CVI. Use this copy of LabWindows/CVI to edit the projects you use to create DLLs, static libraries, and object files.


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