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Edition Date: May 2019

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Use the built-in Database step types to communicate with a database. Use the Property Loader step type to import property and variable values from a file or database during an execution.

A simple database operation includes the following steps:

  1. Use the Open Database step type to connect to a database.
  2. Use the Open SQL Statement step type to perform an SQL query on tables in the database.
  3. Use Data Operation step types to create new records and to retrieve and update existing records.
  4. Use the Close SQL Statement step type to close the SQL query.
  5. Use the Close Database step type to disconnect from a database.

To edit a database step type in the TestStand Sequence Editor, click Edit <Step Type Name> on the Edit tab of the Step Settings pane.

To edit a database step type from a custom user interface, select Edit from the context menu for the step or click Edit on the General tab of the Step Properties dialog box.

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