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Edition Date: May 2019

Part Number: 370052AA-01

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Select Edit Pass/Fail Source in the context menu for the step or click Edit Pass/Fail Source on the General tab of the Step Properties dialog box to launch the Edit Pass/Fail Source dialog box from a TestStand User Interface. Use this dialog box to customize the Boolean expression that determines whether the step passes.

The Edit Pass/Fail Source dialog box contains the following options:

  • Data Source Expression—A Boolean expression the step uses to determine whether the step passes or fails. The default value is Step.Result.PassFail. You can customize this expression if you do not want to set the value of Step.Result.PassFail in the code module. For example, you can set the data source expression to refer to multiple variables and properties such as, RunState.PreviousStep.Result.Numeric * Locals.Attenuation > 12.
  • Set to Default—Sets the value of the Data Source Expression control to Step.Result.PassFail, which has the effect of using the value the code module sets.

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