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Edition Date: May 2019

Part Number: 370052AA-01

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In the Result Processing dialog box, click the icon in the Options column for the built-in reporting plug-in to launch the Report Options dialog box, in which you can customize the generation of report files. The settings you choose in the Report Options dialog box apply to all executions that use the Test UUTs and Single Pass Execution entry points.

Notes Notes
  • If you are using the equivalent legacy TestStand 2010 process models, select Configure»Report Options to launch the Report Options dialog box.
  • You must have a minimum supported version of Microsoft Internet Explorer or later to view TestStand reports. Refer to the NI TestStand Readme for more information about supported versions of Internet Explorer.
  • National Instruments recommends storing reports, offline result files, and databases locally instead of over a network for reliability and performance concerns. If you require a network storage solution, configure TestStand to store data locally and use a separate process or application to transfer files to and from the network.

The Report Options dialog box contains the following tabs:

  • Contents—General options for report generation, such as the type of data to include in the report, the report format, whether TestStand generates a report after testing a UUT, or whether TestStand generates a report concurrently with the execution.
  • Report File Pathname—Provides a graphical indicator to illustrate how options you select affect the names and contents of the report files. You can specify that all batch and UUT reports reside in the same file, that all reports reside in separate files, or one of several intermediate configurations.

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