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Edition Date: May 2019

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TestStand launches the Run-Time Error dialog box when a run-time error occurs in an execution.

This dialog box displays a detailed description of the error, the error code and error code description, if any, as well as the step, sequence, and sequence file where the error occurred.

The Run-Time Error dialog box gives you the following options for handling a run-time error:

  • Run Cleanup—Execution proceeds to the Cleanup step group for the sequence. Run Cleanup is the default action when you have disabled the Show Dialog On Run-Time Error option on the Executions tab of the Station Options dialog box.
  • Retry—TestStand runs the step again.
  • Ignore—TestStand does not set the internal status of the sequence to Error. Instead, TestStand resets the Error.Occurred property of the step to False and execution continues normally with the next step in the sequence. The Result.Status property of the step remains set to Error.
  • Abort Immediately—TestStand stops execution immediately without running any cleanup steps.

The Run-Time Error dialog box also provides two further options:

  • Break—When you select Run Cleanup, Retry, or Ignore and then enable this option, TestStand suspends execution at the step that caused the run-time error. This option is disabled when you select Abort Immediately.
  • Do Not Show Dialog Box Again for this Execution—This option prevents the Run-Time Error dialog box from opening for any run-time errors that occur later in the execution. This option is disabled when you select Retry.

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