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Edition Date: May 2019

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Complete the following steps to launch the Select a Class from LabVIEW Packed Project Library dialog box, in which you can review the content of the packed project library file and select a LabVIEW class (.lvclass) file from the packed project library to open.

  1. On the LabVIEW Module tab of the Step Settings pane in the TestStand Sequence Editor or on the Module tab of the Edit LabVIEW VI Call dialog box in a TestStand User Interface, select the Class Member Call option from the Call Type ring control.
  2. Click the Browse for LabVIEW Class button, located to the right of the Class Path Control, to launch the Select the Step’s LabVIEW Class File dialog box.
  3. Select a LabVIEW packed project library (.lvlibp) file and click Open.
Note Note  You must have LabVIEW 2012 or later to use LabVIEW classes from packed project libraries in TestStand.

Calling a LabVIEW class member VI from a packed project library can be faster than calling an individual member VI independent of a packed project library. When you open a member VI from a packed project library, LabVIEW consolidates the types for all the VIs included in the packed project library during the load process. You cannot load a member VI in a packed project library independent of the other member VIs in the packed project library.

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