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Edition Date: May 2019

Part Number: 370052AA-01

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UI Configuration Tab

The UI Configuration tab contains the following options:

  • Display Documents in Tabs—TestStand displays sequence files as a single window with tabs for each document. Otherwise, display each sequence file as a separate window.
  • Lock UI Configuration by Disabling the Following—Prevents user changes to the current user interface configuration.
    • Toolbar/Menus—The operations users cannot perform on toolbars and menus, such as changing the position, docking state, and customizing the available commands.
    • Dockable Panes—The operations users cannot perform on a dockable pane, such as, dragging, docking, floating, closing/showing, resizing, and pinning/unpinning.
  • Saved Configurations—A list of saved configurations.
  • Save Current—Saves the state of the TestStand Sequence Editor configuration using the name in the text control. TestStand does not automatically save the user interface configuration from the previous session. Click Save Current to actively save the configuration.
  • Load Selected—Loads the selected configuration and updates the sequence editor window.
  • Delete Selected—Deletes the selected configuration.
  • Automatically Load Configuration at Startup—TestStand loads a specific configuration when starting the sequence editor. Otherwise, the sequence editor uses the configuration from when the sequence editor previously exited.
Note Note  Locking, saving, loading, and deleting user interface configurations does not affect any changes you make to the Step Types list or Templates list on the Insertion Palette. The configuration settings for the Step Types list are stored in <TestStand Application Data>\Cfg\GeneralEngine.cfg, and the configuration settings for the Templates list are stored in <TestStand Application Data>\Cfg\Templates.ini. If you want to reset these settings, you must have previously backed up these files so you can restore them manually. You can also delete GeneralEngine.cfg to revert the Step Types list settings, but doing so also reverts any changes you made to the configuration of search directories, station options, adapter settings, and most recently used (MRU) and directory history lists. In addition, deleting the Templates.ini file removes all template objects from the Templates list.


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