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TestStand 2019 Help

Edition Date: May 2019

Part Number: 370052AA-01

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Select Configure»Station Options to launch the Station Options dialog box, in which you can set preferences for the TestStand station. The settings you choose affect all TestStand Sequence Editor and User Interface sessions that run on the computer. TestStand stores most station options in <TestStand Application Data>\Cfg\GeneralEngine.cfg.

The Station Options dialog box contains the following tabs:

  • Execution—Contains operations for breakpoints, tracing, and interactive execution.
  • Time Limits—The time limits for executions. When you specify a time limit, choose an action to take when the time limit expires.
  • File—Options for files, types, and version numbers.
  • Preferences—General options for the station, such as the name of the test station.
  • Model—The process model file for the station as a whole and whether each individual sequence may specify its own process model file.
  • User Manager—Specifies whether TestStand enforces user privileges. It also specifies the location of the user manager configuration file.
  • Localization—The language in which to display text and other region-specific settings.
  • Remote Execution—Specifies whether remote test stations may run sequences on this test station.
  • Source Control—General options that apply to source code control operations.


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