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TestStand 2019 Help

Edition Date: May 2019

Part Number: 370052AA-01

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Localization Tab

The Localization tab specifies the station language and other regional settings. By default, TestStand installs only strings for English.

The Localization tab contains the following options:

  • Select a Language—The language TestStand uses to display text. The language setting determines the set of string resource files TestStand uses.
    Note  Changes to this setting do not take effect until you restart TestStand.
  • Use Localized Decimal Point—When you enable this option, TestStand uses the decimal point character you set in the Regional Options on the Microsoft Windows Control Panel. If you do not set this option, TestStand uses the period character as the decimal point symbol.
  • Note  This option decreases the speed at which TestStand compares and processes strings.


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