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Edition Date: May 2019

Part Number: 370052AA-01

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Preferences Tab

The Preferences tab specifies general options for TestStand.

The Preferences tab contains the following options:

  • Show Hidden Properties—Displays hidden properties. Most hidden properties are built-in step properties TestStand uses.
  • Prompt to Find Files—Launches the File Not Found dialog box when TestStand cannot find necessary files in the current directory search path.
  • Reload Documents when Opening Workspace—Loads the documents you had open when you last closed the workspace file. If this option is enabled when you load the workspace, the TestStand Sequence Editor reloads the documents.
  • Reload Last Workspace at Startup—Loads the workspace that was open when you last closed the sequence editor. If this option is enabled when you launch TestStand, the sequence editor opens the workspace.
  • Specify Steps in Expression—Specifies whether TestStand prompts to determine whether to use the name or the unique ID as a step index in a sequence array when inserting the step in an expression on the Expression Browser dialog box.
    Note  Steps that specify a post action that references another step, Goto steps, Wait steps or preconditions always use the unique ID to reference a step instead of the step name.
  • Configuration Directory—The location of the configuration directory. When this value is changed, TestStand displays the Copy Configuration Settings dialog box, in which you can copy the files in the current configuration directory to the new location.
    • <TestStand Default Location>—The default location, which is <TestStand Application Data>\Cfg.
      Note  TestStand stores the configuration directory path in the Windows registry under the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\National Instruments\TestStand\<TestStand Version>\CfgLocation. You must have write authority to the Windows registry to change this value. (32-bit TestStand) On 64-bit operating systems, this registry key appears only in the 32-bit registry. Use the path HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\National Instruments\TestStand to access the key in the registry editor.
      Note Note  The Configuration Directory setting is only available when running in the global environment. The Configuration Directory setting will be disabled if the engine is currently running in a custom environment.
  • Use Computer Name for Station ID—When you enable this option, TestStand identifies the test station with the name of the computer or with a name you provide.
  • Default CPU Affinity for Threads—The CPUs on which threads execute for threads TestStand creates and for the user interface thread. This value is a number where each bit represents a CPU. The lowest order bit represents the first CPU. For example, a value of 12, which is 1100 in binary, represents CPUs 3 and 4 on a quad-core computer. A value of -1 represents all CPUs available to the process. Use the 0b prefix to specify a binary number, such as 0b1100.

    Refer to Using TestStand on SMP Systems for more information about optimizing TestStand performance on symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) systems for multithreaded applications.
  • Preload Progress Dialog Box Delay—Specifies the number of seconds TestStand waits before launching the Preload Progress dialog box when preloading modules for execution or opening a file. Use a negative value to disable the Preload Progress dialog box.
  • Debug Options—Launches the Debug Options dialog box.
  • Expression Editing Options—Launches the Expression Editing Options dialog box, in which you can customize how TestStand highlights identifiers, operators, constants, and values in expression controls.
  • Clear Password Cache—Clears the passwords you stored in the password cache when you enabled the Remember Passwords option in the Unlock File dialog box or the Unlock Type Definitions dialog box.

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