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Edition Date: May 2019

Part Number: 370052AA-01

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Remote Execution Tab

The Remote Execution tab configures whether remote machines can run sequences on a computer.

Note Note  TestStand does not support remotely executing a sequence across different TestStand versions, for example, remotely executing a TestStand 2013 sequence from a computer running TestStand 2010.

(Windows 10/8.1/7) Windows launches a User Account Control (UAC) elevation prompt for you to manually resolve when you change the settings for remote execution.

The Remote Execution tab contains the following options:

  • Allow Sequence Calls from Remote Computers to Run on this Computer—When you enable this option, a remote computer can run a sequence on this station.
    • Allow All Users Access from Remote Computers—When you enable this option, all users from remote computers can run sequences on this computer. When you enable this option, you do not have to configure access permissions for the remote TestStand server using the dcomcnfg application.
      Note  When you change this setting, TestStand modifies the registry in the same manner as the dcomcnfg application.
  • Show the System Tray Icon while the TestStand Remote Engine is Active on this Machine—When you enable this option, TestStand displays a system tray icon for each instance of the TestStand Remote Engine running on a system. The tooltip and context menu contain status information for the remote engine.


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