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Edition Date: May 2019

Part Number: 370052AA-01

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User Manager Tab

The User Manager tab specifies whether TestStand enforces user privileges and specifies the location of the user manager configuration file. Use the User Manger window in the TestStand Sequence Editor to specify the specific privileges for individual users and groups.

The User Manager tab contains the following options:

  • Current User Manager File—The user manager file currently in memory. The default file is <TestStand Application Data>\Cfg\Users.ini.
  • Configure—The location of the user manager file.
    Note  If you change this option, the change does not take effect until the next time you start the sequence editor.
  • Check User Privileges—Prevents users from accessing features for which they do not have privileges. When you disable this option, any user can access any feature without regard to privileges. You must have sufficient privileges to change this option or any other option that affects privilege checking.
  • Require User Login—If you disable user privilege checking, this option disables all privileged operations when a user is not logged in. When a user logs in, all privileged operations are available.
  • Automatically Login Windows System User—For the initial login, TestStand attempts to log in the current Microsoft Windows user name in the TestStand user list. If the user name is found in the user list, TestStand automatically logs in the user at the appropriate level without prompting for a password. If the user name is not found, TestStand prompts the user to log in. In order to use this option, you must create a user entry in the TestStand User Manager and enter the Windows login name for the user as their TestStand login name.
  • Login On Start—Specifies that the application initiates a login upon startup.

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