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Importing and Exporting with a Legacy Source

To use the Legacy Import/Export Properties tool in TestStand, you must add it to the Tools Menu. Complete the following steps to add the Legacy Import/Export Properties tool to the Tools Menu:

  1. Copy <TestStand>\Components\StepTypes\Database \LegacyImportExportTool.ini to the <TestStandPublic>\Setup \ToolMenusToInstall directory.
  2. Restart TestStand.

Use the Legacy Import/Export Properties tool from the Tools Menu to export data to legacy formats and to import data from legacy formats.

To use legacy source with the new Property Loader step, create an instance of the property loader step in your sequence. In the Source Type, select one of the following legacy source types:

The following features are not supported when using legacy sources in the new Property Loader step:

  • Using alias names
  • Import status in Step.Result
  • Import Sequence File Attributes, Sequence Attributes, Step Attributes and Sequence Parameters
  • Property Loader groups
  • Override default column names for selected properties in database
Note Note  You need to use plugin-specific options to configure options like Start and End markers for files, filtering for databases, etc. For more information about plugin-specific import and export options, refer to the help topic for the plugin you want to use.


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